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Career Resources for Alumni

The following collection of job search and career enhancement links and tools are made available especially for Washington and Lee University alumni as a service of the offices of Alumni Affairs and Career Services.

Connect with Washington and Lee University alumni on one of the several pages established on Linkedin.Here are some of the W&L groups on Linkedin (Note: this service is independent from the University):

University Career Services Links

(Databases listed below require password for login. W&L alumni may call Career Services at 540.458.8595 for information on these.)


  • Explore your interests using this self-guided self assessment.

Vault Guides

  • Download Industry Career Guides, Industry Employer Guides, and Career Topic Guides. These best-selling guides provide detailed information and answers to many frequently asked questions.

Career Search

  • This online research tool allows you to search for companies by location, size and more. You will find contact information for companies, open positions posted by, and information on where and why companies have been in the news.

ArtJob Online

Cap & Compass City Guides

Location is an important factor in choosing an internship, job, or location for graduate study. 35 city guides provide helpful information on cities to make your decisions and transitions easier.

Environmental Opportunities-The Job Seeker
The Job Seeker provides information about employment opportunities in the natural resource and environmental fields nationwide.

Green Careers Journal

W&L has access to 5 of 10 databases: Business, Computer Science, Education & Research, Languages & Journalism, and Math & Physical Science. Search for jobs within these areas.

Opportunities in Public Affairs

Political Jobs

W&L also has access to sister sites including Human Rights Jobs, Policy Jobs, Ethical Jobs, and Journalism Jobs. Use the same login information.

Refresh Alumni Job Search Skills Online
A service of the National Association of Colleges and Employers

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